Sample 23) Siyum Party!

Mazal Tov to Rabbi Travis on his Siyum for Grade 1. Revaya Productions was on hand to film and edit the event. This video is originally 45 minutes long but is shortened for preview purposes. MAKE SURE you watch the adorable personal interviews at the 5 minute mark!

Sample 22) Sheva Brachos Video – Olympics “Closing Ceremonies” Style!

Talk about creative! Making a Sheva Brachos video for a family whose last child was getting married….during Olympics Season. What better way to send off their final child than with a Closing Ceremonies style Sheva Brachos video presentation!

Sample 21) Virtual Home Tour

Revaya Productions makes virtual tours for homes. If you are a real estate agent who wants to show off a home give us a call!

Sample 20) Book Launch – Open Wide and Say Ha!

Watch and listen to author Linda Greenberg deliver some hilarious stories from her debut paperback, “Open Wide and Say HA!” Revaya Productions captured every moment of her book launch and book talk , edited the highlights, and developed this resulting promotional piece:

Sample 19) Henna

Revaya was on hand to capture an amazing Sephardi engagement party. Note: The original full video is ONE HOUR long, this is only 14 minutes of the beginning, some of the middle, and the end.

Sample 18) Avos U’Banim – Father/Son Learning 5774

Over 18 shuls in Toronto have fathers and sons getting together every Motzei Shabbos to learn Torah together. We were contacted to produce the video presentation of photos for their annual dinner, the video was shown to over 1,000 people!

Sample 17) Chanuka Rock

Check out new superstar sensation singer KopSHTICK in his latest holiday music video hit “Chanuka Rock!”

Revaya Productions was on board as producer, scriptwriter, and editor for the video, which has been seen by thousands all around the world. Happy Hanukkah!

Sample 16) Sheva Brachos Video

When the middle child marries an eldest child, hilarity ensues!

Sample 15) Rock’N for Shabbos 2013!

To pump up potential guests for the annual festival bash benefiting three charities, Revaya Productions teamed together with Melnick Studios to dish out this hillarious Rock’N for Shabbos invitation video.

Sample 14) Shira Bat Mitzvah

An eloquent video made for this eloquent figure skater. Mazal Tov Shira!

Sample 13) Wellman Anniversary

Mazal Tov!

Sample 12) William Foster Tribute

A spec for, Revaya put together this tribute for the late William Foster. Revaya also produced the animation logo at the beginning!

Sample 11) The NexTag Project

Revaya Productions did sample news pieces for We do it all!

Sample 10) Having Some Fun With Telemarketers

On the lighter side: What do I do when telemarketers keep bugging? bug ’em back!

Sample 9) Audio: Wellman Sheva Brachos

Sample 8) Shlomo’s Bar Mitzvah

A more sentimental production for Shlomo’s big day.

Sample 7) Reuven’s Bar Mitzvah

When Reuven’s parents let us know that the bar mitzvah boy is treated like the prince of the family, we decided it would be fun to portray his bar mitzvah video with a royalty theme! Thankfully, his royal highness loved the results…

Sample 6) Happy Birthday Audrey

To pay homage to the super woman that co-produced and wrote Samples 2. 3 and 5 (you can see them below), her daughter teamed up with Revaya to surprise her with a video of her own, featuring clips from the work she helped make, recognizing that this “Mother of all Simcha videos” is truly a Mighty Mom!

Sample 5) The Grubner Bunch get Dina married

A shadchan finds herself on the other side of the shidduch scene when she has to get her own daughter married. The script was written and sent to Revaya Productions where it was put together for Josh and Dinas sheva brachos.

Sample 4) School Project

Yes, we will help improve ANY presentation, even a school project!
Our Task: Take raw video footage of people in a mall discussing depression and give it that professional flare.

How did we do? See for yourself…

Sample 3) Yitzy’s Bar Mitzvah

The youngest of five children, Yitzy stepped up as the last of his older siblings to become a Bar Mitzvah. His family showed up to Revaya, photos in hand, to compile his memories in anticipation of his big moment, with the theme being that this was indeed was the biggest, most special, blockbuster event ever.
Did we accomplish that goal? You decide…

Sample 2) The Shidduch Parsha

Revaya’s Very First Sheva Brachos video! The video footage and script was give to us and this is what resulted on our first try!

Sample 1) Tzippy’s Bat Mitzvah

Tzippy’s family ran over Saturday night, requesting that their pictures be turned into a
slide show for her party on Sunday morning. Talk about a rush job!

With no time to spare we put together what is probably the most basic of Revaya’s

Note the white lines outside some of the pictures, something that can be fixed and
do not show up on the samples below.

Needless to say, the family was super happy with the job done and Tzippy’s Bat Mitzvah
was a smash hit. Mazel Tov, Tzippy!

Color Keys Commercial