Prices depend on a number of factors, all of which will be told you the moment you contact us. There are absolutely no hidden costs, so call today to request an immediate estimate.

Basic, budget-based packages (like Sample 1) usually consist of a standard cost, starting at $200, while custom-created projects (like Sample 2 and 3) usually get calculated on a per hour of work basis, usually $40 per hour of work done. As noted above, all estimates will be explained how charging will work for a given project and where
variances in rates may be.

You can keep prices down by scanning your own photos, cropping them where needed, converting your own video footage to DVD, WMV (preferred) or AVI (preferred)  format, and having any music you wish to include ready on CD or MP3 (preferred) format. This will result in a faster job and savings passed to you, however we can definitely do all of these things and more if you wish.

Revaya Productions is not just about putting together a video project, we are about keeping our customers satisfied. You will be kept informed at all times to ensure that your presentation is done the way that you want it.

We are always looking to give you more than what you expect in terms of quality, but when it comes to our prices there are no hidden fees or surprises.